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Business Address

Company name placement

Professional Reception

Receiving mails/parcels

Mails/Parcels Forwarding



Your company's Brochure in reception

Meeting room





Guest Lobby


Printing, photo, scan


(50 pages)

(100 pages)

(100 pages)




Working seat




Free personal Email


Internet Wifi/ Beverage




Table, chair for working




Safeguard  24/24

Office Sanitation services

Support to buy invoice (*)


Business registration consulting

Accounting consulting 

Tax consulting


25 USD

50 USD

75 USD

150 USD


-     From the 11th hour in month, the fee will reduce only 04 USD/h.

-     If using PERFECT/VIP package, the fee will reduce 20% of meeting room’s fee.


(*) Support to buy invoice: must notify and the legal representative or authorized person of company must appears.  

What did they say?

During past years, lots of enterprises could save hundreds of millions dong by using smart office services of the Hong Duc Office, moreover, Enterprises also use free office with full superior amenities and support company’s image more professional and impressive with clients. With experienced and professional staff, we have supported the best and successful service to client.

If you're wondering what the best choice for cost-saving model, choose Hong Duc Office, where you will get the opportunity to experience "100% free" to try office services founded by our own company.

   When you become our Client, with only 1 package of accrued expenses, you absolutely have the right to use the service and quality at the same venue based in the location of Hong Duc Office at District 1.
Coming to Hong Duc Office, you will not only be an ideal working space, which is also taken care by our professional service package for reception, accounting and tax.

  At the start-up phase, Client will always be faced with numerous financial difficulties. Do not worry, Hong Duc Office will be there to support and accompany you to overcome difficulties to succeed.

What are the practical benefits of renting a virtual office?

Because of the benefits that literature brings, many companies have begun to tend to use the virtual office rental model. So what are the benefits of this model? Some of its advantages include:

  • Businesses save a lot of space rental costs compared to traditional office leasing.

  • Virtual offices will still be fully equipped with office furniture and equipment such as desks and chairs, file cabinets, etc., just like a normal office.

  • Companies with virtual office rental services in Hanoi will often be located in city center locations with convenient transportation, so businesses can easily exchange information with customers and partners also to give them confidence.

  • Flexible working time: most rental offices will allow businesses to work at any time as long as the office is open or work anywhere without having to go to the office.

(Virtual office brings many benefits to businesses)

Therefore, since its appearance, this virtual office model has attracted many customers from large to small businesses, businesses with headquarters in the suburbs or freelancers (freelancers), private business owners,....

Virtual offices often have a convenient location, easily building an image for businesses. Businesses before renting an office, in addition to considering the cost, the address of the office is also interesting. Therefore, companies and businesses often choose to set up virtual offices in the centers of big cities. With its location in the city center, the company's business location will bring credibility and attract many potential customers.

Important notes for foreigners when renting a virtual office in Vietnam

Before your business uses virtual office services, you need to carefully research the company providing virtual office services. Although the law does not prohibit the rental of virtual offices, there are no clear regulations on the management of this type of business, so choosing a reputable and supportive unit can greatly support your business the industry is very remarkable.


Businesses need to plan before looking for a virtual office location. The goal is to avoid when searching for a place we fall into a passive position, affecting the previously set plan. We must make sure that the virtual office location has the same operating model as the space required by the business.

Some important notes when renting a virtual office in Vietnam

Legality of virtual office

Up to the present time, the legal issue of the authenticity of virtual offices can be said to be not entirely accurate. However, there is no law that prohibits renting virtual offices, or prohibiting virtual office services from operating. Therefore, the trend of developing offices in this form is growing more and more. Preferred by many start-ups to facilitate work.

When businesses choose to rent a virtual office, we need to consider choosing a company with a reputable and quality brand that specializes in providing virtual offices.

Although using a virtual office address to set up a company helps businesses save maximum costs, there are still potential risks for businesses such as: Being locked out of tax codes and facing risks Risk of administrative penalties for doing business at the wrong location and head office as stated in the Business Registration Certificate as prescribed in Article 6 of Decree 124/2015/ND-CP. The above case can happen when the tax authority goes to check but the virtual office leasing unit does not hang the business's sign or when the tax authority suspects that the business is buying and selling invoices and cannot be contacted.

A virtual office rental address is often registered by many companies at the same time as a business headquarters. Therefore, in order to rent or provide convenient services of virtual offices (such as meeting rooms, reception rooms), companies need to book an appointment in advance and wait for the arrangement of the lessor.

What services does the office provide?

This is something you need to pay special attention to. Office services will directly affect the quality of work as well as the performance of your business.

You need to ensure all the basic services of a virtual office such as security, reception, secretariat ... this you also need to keep in mind when signing virtual office lease contracts. This helps you to conveniently run a meeting or any important work in that office. Besides helping to bring luxury and comfort to the office, it is always guaranteed that the service quality of this virtual office must be the best.

Virtual office in Vietnam (Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh)

#1. Virtual Office in Da Nang

3rd Floor, Phuong Dong Building, No. 1N Nui Thanh, Hai Chau District, City. Danang


Phone: 0905987929

#2. Virtual Office in Hanoi

4th floor, Anh Minh Building, No. 36 Hoang Cau, Dong Da District, City. Hanoi


Phone: 02462604011

#3. Virtual Office in City. Ho Chi Minh (Sai Gon)

7th floor, HP building, No. 60 Nguyen Van Thu, Dakao Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City


Phone: 02822612929

If you want to set up your company headquarters, virtual office in Vietnam, please contact us 




  • From the 11th hour in month, the fee will reduce only 04 USD/h.
  • If using PERFECT/VIP package, the fee will reduce 20% of meeting room’s fee.


Ho Chi Minh Office for Lease?

Hong Duc Office in fact has been become the leading brand in 03 main office services:

1. Virtual Office, (Shared Office, Representative Office, business center).

2. Serviced Office (Executive Suite, Office Space, Furnished Office)

3. Other intelligent office solution services: Co-Working Space, Working Station, Manager’s Room,

Meeting Room, Furnished Office to rent by hour; Especially, Accounting service packages; HR Service packages; Business Development service packages, Digital Marketing Packages,.…

Who is suitable for a virtual workspace?

LHD Virtual offices Vietnam can be a good solution for a variety of businesses, including:

  • Remote workers: Virtual spaces can provide remote workers with a professional business address, mail handling services, and access to shared workspace and meeting rooms on an as-needed basis.
  • Freelancers: They are a cost-effective way for freelancers to have a dedicated business address and access to a professional workspace without the overhead of maintaining a traditional office.
  • Small businesses: These offices are a good solution for small businesses that want to establish a presence in a particular location without the expense of setting up a traditional office.
  • Startups: Virtual sites are a flexible and cost-effective way for startups to establish a professional presence while they focus on growing their business.
  • International businesses: They are a good solution for international businesses that want to establish a presence in a particular location without needing physical office space.
What is a virtual office system?

Virtual offices are a type of office solution that allows businesses to have a professional presence in a particular location without the need for a physical office space. Virtual offices typically include a business address, mail handling services, and access to shared workspace and meeting rooms on an as-needed basis. 

They are often used by businesses that operate remotely or on a freelance basis and by businesses that want to establish a presence in a particular location without the expense of setting up a traditional office. Virtual workspaces in Vietnam can be a cost-effective way for businesses to project a professional image and have a dedicated business address, while still maintaining the flexibility and convenience of working remotely.

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